Des-espera by Les Impuxibles (Spain, Catalonia)
JCTC Voices International Theatre Festival

Des-espera by Les Impuxibles (Spain, Catalonia)

Jersey City Theater Center presents "Des-espera" by Les Impuxibles as part of the 2020 Voices International Theatre Festival.

Post-screening talk with Ariadna Peya

What can be expected from male-female couples where he is younger and she is significantly older? Des-espera talks about living in contradiction, and the acceptance of this contradiction as a way to grow.

Des-espera talks about what is expected of us, or what is not expected.

Des-espera speaks of turning on and off, of shaking and calming, of hurting and healing, of waiting and despairing.

Des-espera means Despair. In catalan "espera" means wait/expect and "des" is a prefix that before the verb changes the action.


A creation by Ariadna Peya, Marc Soler and Clara Peya

Production: Les Impuxibles

Performers: Ariadna Peya, Clara Peya and Marc Soler

Original music: Clara Peya

Voice-over: Dana Carbonell

Costumes: Iker Nafta

Artistic advisors: Jorge Velasco and Silvia Capell

Technical Manager: Jordi Berch

Sound: Carles Bernal

Accessibility advice: Èlia Farrero

Photography: Willy Ormaetxea and Xavier Buxeda

Executive Production: Gracia Camps

Distribution: Mireia Gràcia Bell-lloch

Social networks: Xavi Buxeda.

Translation: Sílvia Ruiz

Video: Lleida TV

Acknowledgements: La Plana Foundation, Xavier Buxeda, Lola

López, Mariona Castillo, Renata Ramos, Festival Dansàneu.

This event was made possible with the support from Institut Ramon Llull