LaVieEnRose/OtherDances  by NCA-Small Theater (Armenia)
JCTC Voices International Theatre Festival

LaVieEnRose/OtherDances by NCA-Small Theater (Armenia)

All Ages
JCTC presents "LaVieEnRose/OtherDances" by NCA-Small Theater as part of the 2020 Voices International Theatre Festival.

Vahan Badalyan (Artistic Director of the Company/Director of the piece)


"LaVieEnRose/OtherDances" is a playful and intimate dance piece that builds on an exploration of the dancers’ personalities and thoughts. It’s about the idea of "being different".

The play is performed by the first inclusive dance group in Armenia where artists with and without disabilities playfully interrogating on their identities and probe the audience to think beyond surface appearances.

Idea, concept and staging: Vahan Badalyan

Lights: Andrey Gubanov(UK)

Video: Albert Movsesyan

Scenography: Vahan Badalyan

Interpreters: Manuk Saghatelyan, Ashot Marabyan, Anush Smbatyan, Narek Minassian, Tamara Aydinyan, Christina Danielyan, Mher Zalinyan, Mariam Artenyan, Luska Davtyan.

Language: Armenian with English subtitles

Technical Support: Aram Khloyan

History of the piece:

March, 2018 – Premiere

October, 2018- HIGHFEST International Performing Arts Festival

Company biog:

NCA.SMALL THEATRE is one of the youngest and most innovative theatrical companies in Armenia. The theatre company was founded by Vahan Badalyan about 20 years ago as a drama-studio. The mission then and now is to produce independent, creative work, and to serve as a platform to provide various educational programs for youth interested in exploring the theatrical arts.

Since its foundation, NCA.SMALL THEATRE’s artists have remained committed to presenting unique works that celebrate the power of human imagination and the far reaching influence of theatrical art on life.