Myth by Matara (Israel)
JCTC Voices International Theatre Festival

Myth by Matara (Israel)

Jersey City Theater Center presents "Myth" by Matara as part of the 2020 Voices International Theatre Festival.

Matara (Israel) – “Myth,” based on the play by Ido Netanyahu. A phantasmagoric examination of the power of the media in Israel and around the world, created by the company. Classic melodrama in chamber format.


Fourth Power (English Fourth Power) - an epithet for a reference to journalism; a phrase that defines both the media themselves and their influence in society. It is argued that "journalists have a lot of power in society."

Awareness of this power must be combined with modesty and a sense of duty to the reader. At all times, journalists have achieved recognition due to their high level of accuracy and impartiality, as well as their observance of the rules of fair play.

The first, second and third powers are, respectively, the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.. “The Fourth Power” is an allusion to the three classes of the European Middle Ages - the nobility, the clergy and the common people.

In modern society, the media often acts as a third power, condemning, overthrowing and passing sentences without waiting for court decisions.

Our performance is dedicated to the role and responsibility of a journalist to society and himself. This topic is not sufficiently covered in modern theater, although it is relevant.

Three characters are registered in the play "Mith" - the widow of the hero of Israel, a doctor who stopped an epidemic of a terrible disease at the cost of his own life, and two journalists, an elderly and a young one. But our interpretation adds two more "characters" - the media entering what is happening through a large television screen and the late hero Arik Fanstein himself, through his video letters from the jungle of a Latin American country. Thus, the chamber work, which takes place in a single space of the rural house of Ruthie Feinstein, turns into polyphonic action spanning countries and continents. This screen and the tree, woven into the scenic space of the stage, symbolize our past and present, our roots and traditions, and our openness and insecurity in the face of such a changing new world.

By genre, our performance is a classic melodrama, absolutely chamber format. The duration of the performance is approximately 100 minutes without intermission.

It seems to us that the performance is designed for the widest possible audience, from teenagers and young people to retirees, and raises very topical issues for modern Israeli society.

Modern societal truth is the underlying theme of Myth. To what extent does the society rely on myth for its existence? To what degree is this myth true? Does such truth even exist? And if it does, is it important to know it? These are the issues being discussed by the three characters who live in Israel of 2020.

About The Municipal Theater "Matara"

The Municipal Theater "Matara" ("Target" - Hebrew) was founded in 2004 on the basis of a theater studio in the city of Ariel (Israel). The collective chose the name "Matara", because for them the development and dissemination of theatrical art is a goal, not a means of subsistence.

In 2011 the theater became a laureate of the International Theater Festival in St. Petersburg, in 2014 it won a prize at the International Festival in Smolensk, in 2017 it became a diploma winner of the International Theater Festival "OKNA" in Novokuznetsk, in 2018 a diploma winner of the International Theater Festival "Art Okraina" in St. -Petersburg and also took part in the prestigious international festival in Akko.

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