THE BOX: Outsiders
Presented by Jersey City Theater Center

THE BOX: Outsiders

Merseles Studios
All Ages
Closing of visual arts exhibition and performances with THE BOX!

Have you ever felt like an outsider? Everyone has at some point in their lives. Then, why when you are in the majority, do you forget how it felt to be outside the mainstream? What do you do to open up your circle?

Curated by Max Di Biaggio

Credit: image by @Frank Ippolito


  1. Shive “Sitar raga”
  2. RescuePoetix Poem: “Feast of Gods”
  3. Terry Haman Song: “Prayers on Deaf Ears”
  4. Ben Figueroa Poem: “Coping mechanisms”
  5. Carol Lester Song: “No One Knows”
  6. Aekta Khubchandani Poem: “The red bus”
  7. Fred Scheier Song: “Outside looking in”
  8. Jin Jung
  9. Oniel Del Rio Poem “Darkness falls into a city”


  1. Carmen Vega Poem “
  2. Gary Van Miert Song: “I'm In With The Outsiders”
  3. Khadijah Danielian Poem “Survival Guide for Crooked Puzzle Pieces”
  4. Sidney S. Whelan Song: “The Story of Ike Dupree”
  5. Kenny Jaworski Song: “Outsider looking in”
  6. Satya Resnick Poem: “Alone in a crowd”
  7. Chris Whitlow Song: “Chris's Christmas Carol”
  8. Chrissy Roberts Song: “The dividing line
Venue Information:
Merseles Studios
339 Newark Ave.
Jersey City, NJ, 07302